The Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation…today’s thought from the 100 Acre Woods.

This morning I was listening to a podcast by Tom Ziglar about The Greatest Generation. He said when those men and women came back from World War II they were resilient, robust, strong willed and full of hope…and they were responsible for gearing up the greatest economic return this country had ever seen. But think about it, the PARENTS of these men and women were actually the greatest generation. They taught their children how to fix things. They grew up on farms during the Great Depression and had to learn how to survive, how to make do and fix things using only what you have on hand. If a belt broke on a piece of equipment they used barbed wire or whatever they could find to hold it in place. They couldn’t run to Tractor Supply and buy a new part.

The astronaut Story Musgrave was chosen to fix the Hubble during the Shuttle Endeavour’s 1993 servicing mission because he grew up on a farm. Sure, intelligence was vital, but because he had learned to “fix” things he was chosen above all the others. They needed someone who could improvise and make it work with what they had. Someone who could think outside the box.

We are in a dark period with this Corona virus, it’s had an impact on the economy and we are not through it yet. We, as parents, have the opportunity to take this time to teach our children resilience, how to fix things, how to make do with what we have. Perhaps our outcome will be a new “greatest generation.” Think about it, inspire hope just like the parents of those World War II children did, teach your children how to think outside the box…how to not only survive, but how to thrive. Use this time to maximize and impact others.

A candle glows brightest in the darkest room and we, my friends are in a dark room right now! Let’s offer strength and encouragement, hope and certainty…lighten the way with your “let’s fix it attitude.”

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